Call Contract API

Properties of a Call Contract

A call contract for a scheduled call has the following publicly accessible values.

  • address contractAddress: the address of the contract the function should be called on.
  • address schedulerAddress: the address who scheduled the call.
  • uint targetBlock: the block that the function should be called on.
  • uint8 gracePeriod: the number of blocks after the targetBlock during which it is stll ok to execute the call.
  • uint anchorGasPrice: the gas price that was used when the call was scheduled.
  • uint suggestedGas: a suggestion to the call executor as to how much gas the called function is expected to need.
  • uint basePayment: the amount in wei that will be paid to the address that executes the function call.
  • uint baseFee: the amount in wei that will be paid the creator of the Alarm service.
  • bytes4 abiSignature: the 4 byte ABI function signature of the function on the contractAddress for this call.
  • bytes callData: the data that will be passed to the called function.
  • bool wasCalled: whether the call was called.
  • bool wasSuccessful: whether the call was successful during execution.
  • bool isCancelled: whether the call was cancelled.
  • address claimer: the address that has claimed this contract.
  • uint claimAmount: the amount that the claimer agreed to execute the contract for.
  • uint claimerDeposit: the amount that the claimer has put up for deposit.

Contract Address

address contractAddress

The address of the contract that the scheduled function call should be executed on. Retrieved with the contractAddress function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: contractAddress() returns (address)
  • ABI Signature: 0xf6b4dfb4

Scheduler Address

address schedulerAddress

The address that the scheduled function call. Retrieved with the schedulerAddress function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: schedulerAddress() returns (address)
  • ABI Signature: 0xae45850b

Target Block

uint targetBlock

The block number that this call should be executed on. Retrieved with the targetBlock function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: targetBlock() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0xa16697a

Grace Period

uint8 gracePeriod

The number of blocks after the targetBlock that it is still ok to execute this call. Retrieved with the gracePeriod function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: gracePeriod() returns (uint8)
  • ABI Signature: 0xa06db7dc

Anchor Gas Price

uint anchorGasPrice

The value of tx.gasprice that was used to schedule this function call. Retrieved with the anchorGasPrice function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: anchorGasPrice() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0x37f4c00e

Suggested Gas

uint suggestedGas

A suggestion for the amount of gas that a caller should expect the called function to require. Retrieved with the suggestedGas function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: suggestedGas() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0x6560a307

Base Payment

uint basePayment

The base amount, in wei that the call executor’s payment will be calculated from. Retrieved with the basePayment function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: basePayment() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0xc6502da8

Base Fee

uint baseFee

The base amount, in wei that the fee to the creator of the alarm service will be calculate from. Retrieved with the baseFee function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: baseFee() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0x6ef25c3a

ABI Signature

bytes4 abiSignature

The ABI function signature that should be used to execute this function call. Retrieved with the abiSignature function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: abiSignature() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0xca94692d

Call Data

bytes callData

The full call data that will be used for this function call. Retrieved with the callData function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: callData() returns (bytes)
  • ABI Signature: 0x4e417a98

Was Called

bool wasCalled

Boolean as to whether this call has been executed. Retrieved with the wasCalled function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: wasCalled() returns (bool)
  • ABI Signature: 0xc6803622

Was Successful

bool wasSuccessful

Boolean as to whether this call was successful. This indicates whether the called contract returned without error. Retrieved with the wasSuccessful function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: wasSuccessful() returns (bool)
  • ABI Signature: 0x9241200

Is Cancelled

bool isCancelled

Boolean as to whether this call has been cancelled. Retrieved with the isCancelled function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: isCancelled() returns (bool)
  • ABI Signature: 0x95ee1221


address claimer

Address of the account that has claimed this call for execution. Retrieved with the claimer function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: claimer() returns (address)
  • ABI Signature: 0xd379be23

Claim Amount

uint claimAmount

Ammount that the claimer has agreed to pay for the call. Retrieved with the with the claimAmount function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: claimAmount() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0x830953ab

Claim Deposit

uint claimerDeposit

Ammount that the claimer put down as a deposit. Retrieved with the with the claimerDeposit function.

  • Solidity Function Signature: claimerDeposit() returns (uint)
  • ABI Signature: 0x3233c686

Functions of a Call Contract


Cancels the scheduled call, suiciding the call contract and sending any funds to the scheduler’s address. This function cannot be called from 265 blocks prior to the target block for the call through the end of the grace period.

Before the call, only the scheduler may cancel the call. Afterwards, anyone may cancel it.

  • Solidity Function Signature: cancel() public
  • ABI Signature: 0xea8a1af0


Triggers the execution of the call. This can only be done during the window between the targetBlock through the end of the gracePeriod. If the call has been claimed, then only the claiming address can execute the call during the first 16 blocks. If the claming address does not execute the call during this time, anyone who subsequently executes the call will receive their deposit.

  • Solidity Function Signature: execute() public
  • ABI Signature: 0x61461954