Welcome to Ethereum Alarm Clock’s documentation!

The Ethereum Alarm Clock is a service that allows scheduling transactions to be executed at a later time on the ethereum blockchain. This is accomplished by specifying all of the details for the transaction you wish to send, as well as providing up-front payment for gas costs, allowing your transaction to be executed for you at a later time.

The service is completely trustless, meaning that the entire service operates as smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, with no priviledged access given to any party.

The code for this service is open source under the MIT license and can be viewed on the github repository. Each release of the alarm service includes details on verifying the contract source code.

For a more complete explanation of what this service does check out the Introduction.

If you are a smart contract developer and would like to start scheduling transactions now then check out the Quickstart.

If you are looking to build a lower level integration with the service then our ./TODO is a good place to start.